Wikipedia Consultancy and Publishing for a U.S. Ridesharing Startup

The client is an innovative ridesharing startup based in the United States, focusing on providing affordable, reliable, and sustainable transportation solutions. Despite being relatively new in the market, they have rapidly gained attention for their user-friendly app, commitment to reducing carbon emissions, and exceptional customer service. Their approach to ridesharing has not only revolutionized urban mobility but also strongly emphasized environmental responsibility.


The primary challenge faced by the company was establishing a stable and credible presence on Wikipedia. Despite multiple attempts, their Wikipedia article was repeatedly deleted due to non-compliance with Wikipedia’s guidelines and standards, particularly regarding notability and verifiability. This issue was a significant setback in their digital marketing strategy, as it hindered potential users, investors, and partners from accessing a reliable and detailed source of information about the company.



Reptick’s Wikipedia Page Creation Service was brought on board to tackle these challenges. The solution involved a strategic, multi-step approach:

Increased Engagement


The creation of the Wikipedia page had a substantial impact:

Reptick’s Wikipedia Page Creation Service provided a targeted solution to the ridesharing startup’s unique challenge, transforming their digital presence from repeated deletions to a stable, credible Wikipedia page. This case study underscores the importance of adhering to Wikipedia’s standards and how professional expertise can turn challenges into impactful digital assets. The startup’s journey in the ridesharing industry is now aptly and reliably documented on Wikipedia, contributing significantly to their online reputation and user engagement.

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