Online Reputation Management: Tools For Individuals & Companies

Online reputation management is a wholistic tool that mixes aspects of search engine optimization, marketing, and public relations in pursuit of monitoring and boosting a company’s online reputation. This exercise is effective regardless of the stage you or your business are operating at. For example, beyond just painting a positive picture of your new business, online reputation management also aids in sustaining your personal online reputation, which comes in handy when you’re on the lookout for a new job prospect.
As the world becomes additionally dependent on technology, all purchasing decisions are made post through online research. Therefore, a below average or borderline negative online presence has the power to elevate or shatter your business, directly impacting your short and long-term success.

Online Reputation Management Tools

Online reputation management tools are essentially platforms created on digital surfaces that aid in allowing users to keep track of what is being said regarding their brand through online media, including social networks, portals for customer reviews, and digital maps.
The core purpose of these tools is to assemble all comments and opinions made by users for your brand or product in a single place. This allows your possibilities to extend to unlimited layers, making it accessible to carry out a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of your company.
Additionally, online reputation management tools largely aid in helping out experts within the customer experience department because it helps manage various user perceptions by opening up the possibility of data collection, real-time responses, and sentiment analysis.
As established, your business’s online presence reflects greatly on common customer perceptions. It’s no mystery that customers are less likely to purchase your products if they’re unable to consider your firm credibility and reliability. How the community perceives your brand or product directly reflects on the collective trust that an end consumer may have in your company. There are various practice steps that you may take to improve your company’s reputation online or rather, tools that can aid you in reaching the problem quicker.
Reptick is among the platforms that offer online reputation management services and acts as an important service for companies, individuals, and enterprises. This platform can aid in protecting, building, and managing an online reputation for your business to sustain a positive reputation in the world of digital media.
There are various tools that can benefit your business or your personal impression thoroughly by getting to the root cause of the realities, whether positive or negative. Some of these include:

The Brand Grader

One of the best aspects of this tool is that it is free for all your online reputation management needs. It provides a brief overview of the brand or person’s online presence within a few seconds. The process is fairly simple. All that you’re required to do is to choose a product or company that you may be interested in, and you’ll immediately find access to the following:
  • Their main sources: this shows whether a majority of the brand’s mentions come from images, forums, or new websites.
  • Top web influencers: this shows the major news sites or blogs that discuss your company online.
  • The source or location of the mentions: this primarily shows you which part of the world consists of individuals that discuss you, your brand, or your product
  • Brand sentiment: this reflects a wholistic perspective regarding whether people discuss your brand or product in a negative or positive light.
Brand Grader caters to your online reputation management in a quick way rather than through a thorough method. For a deeper understanding of your business, continue reading for other important tools.


As the creative name may suggest, Reputology aids companies in protecting their image thoroughly. The primary purpose of this tool is to track reviews. In other words, it aids in convenient finding and monitoring reviews on your brand or product all over the digital space.
If Facebook, TripAdvisor, or Yelp play a large role in providing you with access to customer reviews, Reputology will immensely help, emerging as one of the best online reputation management tools. The common norm suggests that potential customers are largely impacted by reviews posted online, so this tool can take you a long way in your online reputation management.
Additionally, Reputology is specific to locations. Therefore, if you’re an owner or a client of a brick-and-mortar store, Reputology’s your guy! If you own five shops in five different locations, this tool allows you to monitor your performance in each location separately.


SimilarWeb is popularly known as a tool that aids in ranking your brand’s website. It aids in keeping track of the online traffic that a particular blog or site receives. Additionally, despite being free of cost, this tool helps you in getting a pretty good idea regarding your website’s performance.
One of the main benefits of this tool is that it helps monitor your performance by making your competitor’s websites a benchmark and hence, helps you track the bounce rate, time spent on the site, and page views for each visit. Therefore, it readily helps in helping you gauge your position amongst other competitors in the industry while helping you strategize improvements to your website.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management and Reptick

As thoroughly established above, online reputation management is immensely important for your firm. This comes in the form of numerous benefits for your business’s or personal development. Since the digital world is immensely dynamic and online content often shifts, peoples’ perceptions of a company or brand can also thoroughly change. Some common benefits of an online reputation management agency, such as Reptick, includes:

Reptick helps you boost your sales

Through its consistent efforts to sustain a positive image of your brand, an online reputation management agency will provide you with all the relevant data that is required to make any decision or set any strategy regarding your product or service.
Since online customer reviews are such a major part of the purchasing process, good online reviews tend to attract a larger population of customers. On the contrary, companies that have a negative perception tend to miss out on major opportunities and profits.

Aids in building and maintaining brand image

Online customer reviews directly impact customer loyalty for a brand. A negative review may potentially ruin your brand’s customer loyalty and directly impact your business. Therefore, an effective online reputation management tool or agency can aid in helping businesses build and sustain a positive brand image through consistent monitoring of customer responses on any communication medium.

Helps generate good insights for your business

An exceptional online reputation on digital platforms can aid in providing relevant insights which can, in turn, help in creating awareness for your brand. Each of the reviews mentioned online is critical to your business’s image and an exceptional way to attract new customers and sustain old ones.


Therefore, online reputation management is a critical exercise utilized by the majority of companies. An example of this includes JPMorgan’s attempt to create a Q&A on Twitter. This revealed an endless supply of insults and negative perceptions that went under the hashtag #AskJPM which led the firm to cancel the Q&A event and publicly announce their regret of conducting the event. This reflected ignorance and overconfidence towards the public’s image of the brand along with minimal foresight toward potential outcomes of the Q&A campaign.
Online reputation management tools or agencies such as Reptick help eradicate such strategies by translating insights generated from such an event into positive strategies for building and sustaining the brand’s image and in turn, boosting its sales and perception in the eyes of the public.

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