How to Get Featured on Forbes? - From Pitch to Publication

Being recognized on Forbes is like being awarded an industry knighthood in modern times, where personal recognition and brand visibility are gold. Forbes, a shining example of leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation, not only tells success stories but also helps to develop them.

When you get featured on news sites or magazines such as Forbes, they have the potential to transform both your personal and professional life. Let’s talk about how to get featured on Forbes, the reasons it’s famous, the various benefits it offers, and simple things to do to earn this honor.

From Pitch to Publication How to Get Featured on Forbes

What is Forbes?

Global media company Forbes focuses on entrepreneurship, technology, business, investment, leadership, and lifestyle. Founded by B.C. Forbes in 1917, it has grown into an online powerhouse with a strong web presence, a monthly readership, and a series of conferences that attract the world’s most prominent business people. 

Forbes is a standard for recognition in many different sectors because of its lists, which include the Forbes 400, World’s Billionaires, and America’s Best Colleges. When you get featured on news sites like Forbes, you get a ton of benefits.

Understanding Forbes’ Editorial Focus and Audience

How to Get Featured on Forbes?

There are a few methods you can use to get featured on news sites, Forbes, and other magazines.

Write an Interesting Story

Everybody enjoys a good story. Forbes agrees as well. People should be interested in reading your narrative. Consider what makes this particular journey unique. Have you solved a serious issue? Have you created something new? Have you impacted anyone’s life? Your story must be unique.

It should highlight the unique qualities of you or your company and why that matters. Forbes seeks out stories that enlighten, uplift, or transform perceptions. Make sure one of these things occurs in the story you write.

Develop Your Own Brand

Consider yourself a superhero in your line of work. Why are you so awesome? Developing your own brand involves showing your abilities to the public. Write about your experiences, give speeches at events, post on social media, and provide a helping hand to others. This lends you an air of expertise.

Forbes frequently features expert stories. When you’re not in the room, consider the impression you want to leave on others. That’s what makes you unique. Focus on making it concise and powerful.

Build Connections with the Media

It’s like making friends, but with people who write or discuss news and stories. Check for Forbes editors and writers and make an effort to get to know them. You might start by giving them suggestions they might find interesting or complimenting their work online.

Wait before asking them to write a piece on you. Helping people with their stories is the main goal. As time goes on, you could come to mind if they need someone to write about for their pieces.

Connect with a PR Agency

An agency that specializes in public relations, or PR, can act as a consultant to help you tell your narrative. They are skilled in interacting with Forbes and other popular figures. They can help with improving the appeal of your story to these businesses. They can help you get featured on news sites and magazines like Forbes.

They’re skilled at what they do, but it costs money. They are aware of who to talk to and how to talk to them. Consider it like hiring a guide to assist you in climbing a really difficult mountain.

Benefits of Getting Featured on Forbes

The benefits when you get featured on news sites like Forbes are listed below:

Leveraging Digital Platforms for Media Visibility

Credibility and Reputation

It’s just like receiving an obvious gold star. People pay attention when Forbes talks about you. They believe, “If Forbes says this person or company is great, they must be really special.” It’s important and can increase people’s trust in you.

Reach and Visibility

You can either put up a large billboard or shout your message across a packed room to convey your point forward. Forbes is similar to a billboard. It is widely noticed, not only in your nation or locality but throughout the entire world. This can result in an increase in clients or potential business partners.

Important Networks

It is possible that you will meet other interesting people who were featured on Forbes after appearing on it. They might even wish to collaborate on a project, provide you with advice, or put you in touch with more influential people. It feels like a membership to an exclusive club.

Rank Highly in Google

It’s incredible that a Forbes article on you can be found when someone searches for you online. It frequently appears at the top of the search results, increasing the likelihood that users will click and read about you.

Increase Sales

The exposure you will start receiving can help your firm expand. More people are interested in what you have to offer, are aware of you, and trust you. It functions as a large spotlight for your company, drawing in additional clients.

Cost of Getting Featured on Forbes

Suppose you are running a lemonade stand. You want your lemonade to be known to everybody in the town. You might be the one to tell them all, but it may take a while, and not everyone would be interested. Alternatively, you could persuade the town’s most popular person to sample your lemonade and praise it to everyone. The person in question resembles Forbes. However, it might require some assistance to grab their attention.

This is the fascinating part. Forbes doesn’t want payment in order to include your story or business. They only discuss stories that they find particularly appealing or noteworthy. But you may need some assistance to get Forbes to notice your story. A PR (public relations) agency can help in this situation. They can introduce you to these magazines because they have considerable knowledge of them.

Hiring a PR agency might come at a variety of different costs. Some may just ask for a little amount, particularly if they’re just getting started or if they genuinely think your story is reliable. Others may request even more if they are skilled at convincing publications like Forbes to feature your story This reflects their confidence in their ability to complete the task.

Consequently, to get featured on news sites like Forbes, you don’t have to directly pay any cost to Forbes. The money is spent on hiring professionals who can improve your narrative, connect you with relevant individuals, and boost your likelihood of receiving the much-desired mention. It’s similar to purchasing a megaphone to make sure that your voice gets heard through the noise.


Everybody wants to get featured on news sites like Forbes. It is a highly valued accomplishment that shows success, legitimacy, and acknowledgment. It is a blend of personal branding, strategic networking, narrative, and at times professional help from others. The process of becoming featured involves more than simply getting there. 

It also involves the growth you experience on a personal and professional level. It’s possible to get featured in Forbes with determination, a strong plan, and a powerful narrative that can lead to unbelievable opportunities. Reptick is an online reputation management agency that can help you throughout this process. Contact Reptick Now!

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