Comprehensive ORM Strategy for a Pharmaceutical Company

The client is a prominent pharmaceutical company based in the United States, renowned for its innovative medical research and development of life-saving drugs. With a strong commitment to healthcare advancement, the company has been at the forefront of introducing groundbreaking treatments and fostering public health initiatives.


The company faced a significant challenge when it became the target of negative press, largely influenced by market shorters. This misinformation campaign not only damaged the company’s reputation but also adversely impacted its stock prices. The spread of fabricated news stories created a crisis that needed immediate and strategic intervention to restore the company’s credibility and market standing.



Reptick’s comprehensive suite of services, including Wikipedia page creation, featured articles, press distribution, and crisis management, was employed to counteract the negative press and rebuild the company’s image.

reputation restored


The implementation of this comprehensive strategy led to significant positive outcomes:

Reptick’s multi-faceted digital strategy successfully navigated the pharmaceutical company through a crisis of misinformation. By leveraging a combination of Wikipedia page management, press release distribution, and featured articles, Reptick not only suppressed the negative press but also significantly boosted the company’s reputation and market presence. This case study highlights the power of a well-coordinated digital strategy in managing corporate crises and protecting a company’s image in challenging scenarios.

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