Can I Create A Wikipedia Page For My Company

Wikipedia is the world’s largest online encyclopedia. Many companies want to create a Wikipedia page for their business because of its wide reach and credibility. Surely, you can make a page about your company on Wikipedia. But, creating a Wikipedia page is not as simple as it looks.

You should be aware of the Wikipedia guidelines and factors for creating a company page on Wikipedia. These guidelines are mentioned below and are going to be discussed for your ease.

can i create a wikipedia page for my company

Create a Wikipedia Account

Creating a page for your company on Wikipedia is not rocket science. It is a basic procedure like every other account creation, where you input your legitimate company details, and an account is created against them.

You can open Wikipedia, and on the top right corner is a button “Create Account”. You can create your account from there.

Become an Autoconfirmed User

Don’t worry; it is not as technical as it sounds. To make yourself an autoconfirmed user, two conditions should be met:

  1.  Your account should be 4 days old.
  2. You should have made edits on 10 other pages.

After fulfilling these conditions, you are free to make a page for your company. An important thing to point out is that your contribution on other pages must be meaningful. This will help you demonstrate your commitment to the Wikipedia platform. Also, it helps you understand how the editing interface and guidelines work.

Being an active part of article discussions and collaborating with other contributors can increase the pace of you becoming an Autoconfirmed user.

Use Promotional Language

Create a Page

Now, we have come to the actual part of interest, which is creating your company’s page. Wikipedia Article Wizard helps you to construct a draft for upcoming contributors. You can always go through existing articles to get guidance. But DO NOT copy and paste, as it is strictly against the rules of Wikipedia.

Your page should be well-structured. It should have sections on History, Products and Services, Recognition and Awards, etc, making it quality content.

There are many Wikipedia page creation service providers available online to draft articles for you. You can write the article yourself using your own tone and definition. Also, hire Wikipedia page creation service providers for professional work. The cost of a Wikipedia page creation service varies with the complexity of the project and the repute of the service provider.

Cite Sources for Credibility

To establish trust and credibility with your readers, you will have to link up your article with other sources. As an example, if your company has been mentioned in a magazine or any platform, you can cite the source to build credibility. Your cited sources must be reputable and authentic.

If it seems hard, you can acquire the services of an online reputation management agency to build a well-designed portfolio for your company. 

Wikipedia has very strict rules for notability, which means you should have enough independent, authentic content on your page to be noticeable. Only then you would be able to warrant a page for your company.

Also, it is very important to be aware of shady Wikipedia page creation services and online reputation management agencies that use fake references or black hat techniques. It can not only affect your authenticity but also get your page banned by Wikipedia.

Cite Reliable Sources

Have a Neutral Approach

Wikipedia is not a place to market your company; it only presents the silver lining of your company. Put yourself in the reader’s place and be as impartial as you can be. It is not only a suggestion but also a requirement for Wikipedia page creation guidelines. Your page should strictly be a source of information and not a marketing page using phrases like “The Best” and “Only Us.”

You can not make your article too salesy or get at your competitors on this platform. Wikipedia’s article on Conflict of Interest can make the subject clearer for you.

Submit the Company’s Page for Review

It is suggested to get your page checked by any Wikipedia page creation service provider to see if your page is not violating any guidelines set by Wikipedia. Before submitting the draft, you should check if it meets the Wikipedia notability guidelines.

You should also get feedback from an experienced Wikipedia editor to make improvements. Once your draft meets the standards of Wikipedia. It can be moved from a draft space to a live Wikipedia page.

Up-to-Date Information

It is very important to have your page up to date. Always update your company’s information to ensure your credibility. It is a very important strategy for an online reputation management agency to enlist current information to rank on the first pages of Google.

Your company page would be in severe need of ongoing maintenance. It will not only enforce the accuracy of information but also help compliance with Wikipedia guidelines. You can hire an online reputation management agency for such tasks.

It may be tiring and tricky for you to keep your page on track. So, it is suggested to approach an online reputation agency for the work. You can save this time spent on updating and monitoring for some other area of interest of the company.


Creating a Wikipedia page for a company is not only possible but easy as well if you just follow some guidelines provided by Wikipedia for page creation. The three pillars of Wikipedia content are notability, neutrality, and verifiability. If a page deviates from these standards, it can be removed or marked for improvement. You can do it yourself, or you can hire a Wikipedia page creation service provider like Reptick for professional work.

These providers directly collaborate with you to create specialized reputation management plans that support your objectives and basic values. Don’t miss the chance to improve your credibility and online exposure. Reach out to Reptick today to start building a trustworthy online reputation on Wikipedia.

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